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Ideas For Printing Companies To Start The New Year Right

The New Year is finally here and, like everyone else, printing companies have made their 2022 resolutions. The setting of realistic New Year’s resolutions is very important for the print industry. While some print organizations might want to set goals such as doubling or tripling their sales or eliminating their production problems, these resolutions might [...]

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Getting the Most Out of Your Comco Press

The goal of any flexo printer is to keep the presses running.  After all, the more labels you print, the more money you make. But, unfortunately, presses can't run 24-7.  Eventually, a print job will end, and press operators will have to prep for the next job.  With that, operators will swap out dies, plates, [...]

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Green Printing with Disposable Drip Trays

Green printing continues to be a hot topic among printing companies as they work to find ways to save time and money while also helping to improve the environment.  By definition, the concept of green printing involves the practice of using renewable energy resources, reducing the use of energy and greenhouse emissions, and using recycled [...]

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How Mom’s Words Come Back to Bite You

How many times growing up did you hear the words "clean your room"? If you were an average kid, probably more than a few times, over more than a few years! That phrase was repeated throughout your childhood not to give you something to do but rather instill in you the importance of keeping things [...]

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Combating Labor Shortages in the Print Industry

Businesses across the United States are facing staffing issues. We see the effects in restaurants with shorter operating hours, limited menus, and dine-in restrictions. We see transit times on goods sold increased due to a country-wide shortage of truck drivers. Produce prices are on the rise because farmers can’t find the labor needed to harvest [...]

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Print Companies who use Drip Trays and Ink Pan Liners need Fewer Employees

Ever since businesses started welcoming employees back to the office after COVID-19 shutdowns, there have been concerns over finding qualified personnel to fill positions. However, the printing industry is actually in the enviable position of requiring fewer employees to run its operations. This headcount reduction is made possible by adopting disposable ink pan liners and [...]

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3 Green Printing Tips for Wide Web Print Companies

The latest report from the United Nations shows that global surface temperatures are expected to increase until at least the middle of the century. The desire to “go green” has been in public conversation for many years as consumers want to see the companies they support embrace the environment. Printing companies can embrace the movement [...]

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OMET Press Fountain Liners and Drip Trays

Technical innovations, ease of use, and quality performance set press manufacturers apart from one another. These characteristics made Omet a leader in the world of narrow web flexo. Increased automation, intuitive handling, flexible, and conscious configurations makes Omet press equipment second to none. At DIPCO we facilitate Omet’s line-up with “Quick Change” ink pan liner [...]

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DIPCO to Exhibit at Converters Expo 2021

Delta, CO, 8/2/2021 - DIPCO, the leader in "Quick Change" ink pan liner systems for the print industry, will be showcasing new innovative products in booth #54 at this year's Converters Expo.  Returning to Lambeau Field in Green Bay, WI, August 9-10, Converters Expo is expected to attract more than 700 attendees and 117 exhibitors. [...]

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Former NASA engineer develops first-ever W & H Drip Tray Insert

Delta, CO, 7/20/2021 -  You may wonder what former NASA engineers do after leaving the hustle & bustle of developing satellites, rockets, and spacecraft to advance humankind.   Well, in one instance, they go to work for DIPCO. Our very own Mike Smith, Director of Engineering, has not slowed down since departing the agency sixteen years [...]

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