DIPCO offers custom drip trays made from polyethylene coated paper or thin plastic film designed to fit under the ink fountain or on the floor under the press. Explore in detail everything you’d ever want to know about custom drip trays for flexographic, commercial offset, and gravure printing as well as coating, and laminating

We’re glad you asked! Our smaller drip trays are cut on our flatbed die-cutter designed to cut quickly for larger quantities. Our larger ones are cut on our digital plotter capable of cutting 89 x 125 inch flat sheets. Then they are hand-assembled by our team to your specs at our production plant in Delta, CO. USA!

Most of our smaller drip trays are made with polyethylene coated 15pt or 18pt paper depending on the size. Its recycled paper left over from the milk carton industry!

We can also offer a thin plastic film if you need the drip tray to hold liquid for more than 1 week. All of our larger drip trays are made from this material.

The drip trays are cut so that they can be folded in the corners and stapled to hold liquids without leaking. It’s worked for over 20 million trays to date and still counting!

If the tray requires a drain, then we can mount them in place with a special ultrasonic welder to ensure a perfect seal.

The only real requirement pertains to the depth of the drip tray. Our minimum depth is ½ inch on two sides and 1 inch on two opposite sides. They can be 125 inches wide!

However, we can only cut poly coated paper in sheets of 24.5 inches by 35 inches flat. If your drip tray needs to be bigger than that, no problem we’ll just use our plastic film.

In some cases, it can be as little as 3 weeks however, if prototypes are needed it may take a little longer.

Typically, our set up fee is $200 to begin the project. This covers the cost of a custom die, the engineering necessary to build your prototypes and the shipping of those to your door.

The simple answer is that you don’t. But we want you to be happy with the design, so we highly recommend that you test them to make absolutely sure they work as you expect them to. This is a custom project for you. Unfortunately, we cannot take them back if your specifications are wrong or change after your order.

Our drip trays are usually sold in cases of 50 or 100. If the tray you require is extremely large, they may be sold in smaller quantities per case. We typically require an initial order of 250 pieces, but this can be negotiated upfront if 250 exceeds your needs.

Yep! We can sonic weld a plastic drain into any of our material, so that your tray never overflows. We also have disposable hose in 10 inch increments up to 50 inches, so you never have to clean that icky sticky mess up!

Simply email any photos, drawings or other information you think is pertinent to Miles Johnson at mjohnson@dipworldwide.com and he will get you a quote on getting the project into production. If your drip tray is a box shaped square or rectangular then our design department only requires the length, width, and height in inches. If your drip tray is more complex, then simple drawings and photos may be necessary. Drip trays with rounded corners can be problematic and may require compromises recommended by our design team.

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