You may know her as the voice of customer service for DIP Co. Co-workers refer to her as their “go-to” person. And ownership? Well, they’re calling her Shawndra Jones, DIP Co’s 2018 President’s Award recipient.

The award, presented to acknowledge an employee’s “above and beyond” commitment to customers, company and co-workers, is given on a discretionary basis. This is only the second instance in which the award has been presented in the company’s 34-year history. Mark Thompson, DIP Co. owner, commented that Shawndra is “exactly why we created this award! We want all of our employees to think outside of their everyday duties and tasks and find ways to give of themselves to not only improve the DIP Company as a whole but also to continue to develop and improve all of their personal relationships including the people they work with.”

Please help us in congratulating Shawndra on a job well done!