Dip Co enhances its disposable ink liner offerings for the Omet line of narrow-web flexo presses with the introduction of systems for the Omet XFlex X4, XFlex X6, and X6.0 series.

Liners are available for the following models:

  • XFlex X4 – 370
  • XFlex X4 – 440
  •  XFlex X6 & X6.0 – 430
  • XFlex X6 & X6.0 – 530

Designed to mimic OEM ink pans in both fit and function, the X4 and X6 family of liners provide operators the capability to reduce press downtime by eliminating the pan-cleaning process. Manufactured using recycled poly-coated USDA paperboard material, liners are resistant to breakdown from water-based inks to the harshest solvent-based inks, varnishes, and adhesives.

The stars of the new line are the passive roller bearing holders. Using 3-D printed technology, bearing holders were designed to cradle Omet’s partially submerged roller. Affixed to slots built into the metal retainer, the bearing holders sit flush against the liner and are held firmly in place by a wide-stance base. As with all components in DIP Co’s Quick-Change line, these bearing holders are disposable.

Todd Fatino, Vice President of Innovation for Phenix Labels in Olathe, KS commented that since theswitch from OEM in pans to DIP Co’s Omet liner systems “efficiency has been improved and changeovertimes reduced, and that allows us to print more jobs per shift. Ultimately, leading to gaining morebusiness due to competitive pricing.”

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