Adoption of Quick-Change solutions limit natural resources usage

Delta, CO, 08/19/2019 – Norcross, Georgia based printer, Fineline Technologies, recently turned to DIP Co to provide an efficient & environmentally friendly solution to ink station cleaning on their Mark Andy press equipment.

Utilizing DIP Co’s Quick-Change ink liner system, Fineline has eliminated pan washing from their clean-up process, saving an average of 3.5 gallons of water per station while cutting ink station prep time by 50 percent.  With the system in place, Fineline has experienced increased production as well as a drastic reduction of contaminated ink streams and wastewater output.

Kevin Lindsey, Global Purchasing Director for Fineline Technologies, Norcross, GA commented: “The DIP system is allowing us to continue with our green initiative by reducing our wastewater cost to acceptable levels; while we are also able to take advantages of the change over time savings and associated throughput benefits.”


DIP Company has provided innovative ‘Quick Change’ disposable liner systems and drip trays to the printing industry since 1984. Their goal today and tomorrow is to help reduce water contamination and save resources for future generations. DIP Company designs, manufactures and delivers state-of-the-art products that are time efficient, cost-effective, clean and simple to use. Their products give your business an edge in the highly competitive printing industry. Please visit us at for more information.





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