Delta, CO. American disposable ink liner manufacturer, DIP Company, celebrates its 35th year in business on March 10, 2019.

Founded in 1984 by Jennings Thompson, DIP Co (Diversified Innovative Products Company) got its start as a division of Myers Printing Company in Minneapolis, MN. The division purpose was to create a cost-effective means to eliminate the need for washing metal ink pans on flexo press equipment. Within six years of its formation, the division was purchased by Mr. Thompson and renamed to what it is today.

DIP Co built upon its early in-house success with the creation of the world’s first disposable ink fountain for the Webtron 650. This opened the door to a long line of products for press models of most of the major press manufacturers of the time. In 1990, seeking opportunities for improvement, DIP Co centered its efforts on providing an environmentally-friendly option to plastic. The answer came in the form of USDA recycled milk carton paperboard stock. The dawn of “Quick-Change” ink pan liner systems arrived with the introduction of the Allied Gear 1B-10 disposable ink liner.

Today, DIP Co continues Jennings Thompson’s vision of pressroom effectiveness with an array of systems and tools designed to minimize downtime and allow for more efficient press runs all with less demand on our natural resources. Now, DIP Co offers over 1,000 SKU’s of fully recyclable Quick Change Liners and Drip Trays.

Mark Thompson, owner, DIP Co, commented “DIP Co is a very unique company in this modern era that we live in. It has been able to change through the years but still holds value in many of the things it started 35 years ago. Our success is a result of a team of exceptionally gifted employees that truly value our customers and their peers on a daily basis. This is something that is unique in today’s business climate and what I personally am most proud of.”