Jennings Thompson_Our HistoryJennings Thompson, the inventor of “Quick Change” disposable type ink fountains, founded Diversified Innovative Products CO. (DIPCo.) in 1984 . DIP Company provides products for the Flexographic Printing Industry that reduce press preparation time, reduce or eliminate the washing of ink fountains, save ink and water, increase press and press personnel productivity, and improve the press area environment. Today, DIPCo. manufactures and sells over 200 “Quick Change” products to more than 1200 companies in 47 states and 28 countries. We have continued to grow and diversify, by producing similar products for wide web presses, as well as other specialty presses and related equipment.

Our Mission

To create product solutions for businesses and industries that use paper and other disposable types of materials to increase the overall efficiency and effectiveness of their operations. We have a vision and marketing plan for the introduction of new and innovative products for the food, pet, medical, automobile and other consumer markets. Product development, enhancement, and change are central operating principles of Diversified Innovative Products Co. while never compromising excellence in service to our customers.

Our Service Commitment

To provide our customers with the highest quality products, delivered when needed with customer support to help solve your press problems. We also serve as partners with our customers with special needs and projects.

Our Environment

Our disposable ink fountains are made of either paper or recycled plastics. Please dispose of them in the appropriate manner. DIP is often asked for recommendations on proper disposal of our products, and your sales representative will be glad to help you find the best solution. If you know of any new methods for disposal of our products, please tell your representative or email Mark Thompson.